2020 Season
Our goal is to provide high quality, humanely raised, nutrient-dense, pastured chicken.

Non-GMO Chicks

We source Freedom Ranger chicks from JM Hatchery in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The chicks are born from a non-GMO parent flock, meaning they are fed a strict diet of non-GMO feeds.

Rotationally Pastured

Upon arrival at the farm, our chickens spend their entire lives outside in the fresh air.   Our chicks are on pasture from Day 1 and the brooder is moved daily to provide consistent access to fresh forage.

After a 3-week brooding period, they are moved to a paddock (a section of pasture surrounded by mobile fence) where they have ample space to eat, drink, and run around.  During the day, they scratch for insects and consume a variety of plants.  We move them to fresh section of pasture every few days using mobile coops, which they roost in at night.Our goal in utilizing this method is to avoid confinement, while ensuring protection from predators and balancing their positive impact on the soil.  The use of “Joel Salatin style chicken tractors” is a less labor-intensive method used by many other pastured poultry farmers.  However, we find the level of confinement lacking in terms of animal welfare.

Soy-free, fermented feed

Our chickens cannot survive on grazing alone, so we source certified organic, soy-free feed from New Country Organics (NCO) in Virginia.  We considered sourcing from local suppliers, but the quality of NCO feed is minimally processed and surpasses what is currently available.We take an extra step to lacto-ferment the feed.  Lactobacillus (the beneficial bacteria cultured in the fermentation process) improves digestion, nutrient absorption, and overall immunity.  Not to mention, the chickens love it!

On-Farm Processing

After 10-12 weeks, we humanely harvest the chickens on-site.  On-farm slaughter is less stressful for the chickens because they do not have to endure transportation to an unfamiliar location.  We take every precaution to ensure the safety and wholesomeness of the meat.